Welcome to my thread o' the Web. This site represents years of compilation and refinement of myself. This is me in a nutshell and, since O'Reilly has not finished with the book negotiations yet, I have placed myself in the web for all to see.

Now, as the name suggests, this site is only a mere thread of the much larger global Web of sites known, interestingly enough, as the World Wide Web (never let it be said that Computer Scientists are not creative). My site is actually very bad in that it is largely a dead end. Very few links will take you away from here so the surfer fed up with what he or she is seeing must back-track away to find an alternate route. Why did I do this? Mainly it was for selfish reasons. I want to keep you entertained for as long as I can. To this end I believe that you may not find yourself bored on my little thread for some time. So enjoy reading about my life and interests!

As a quick intro: My name is Erik; I'm a software engineer; I live on the Seattle Eastside; I spent my undergraduate and graduate years at the University of California in Santa Barbara; I am fond of beer; I am incredibly fond of my British Racing Green 2004 MINI Cooper S; I have a wonderful girlfriend, Julie.